Marvel Targets Kenneth Branagh To Direct ‘Thor 3’ | Film News


The question of who is to direct third installment of the Thor franchise, which is to be named Thor: Ragnarok, is hot on everybody’s lips, after rumours have circulated that the comic book-turned-film giant Marvel may have asked Kenneth Branagh to return. After directing the first of the Thor film series, Marvel brought in fresh meat for 2013’s sequel Thor: The Dark World in the form of Alan Taylor, which may have not worked out the way that they had hoped, as they make the decision to ask Branagh back.


Branagh, when asked about the opportunity to return in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Berlin Film festival during the promotion of Cinderella, stated that, “I continue to have good relationships with all my Marvel family. It’s a people game the movie game, and although these films are big articulated lorries, they still have to be driven by real people. I fondly remember good times working on ‘Thor’. So you always look to repeat that kind of thing, and if it happened again, I’d be delighted“.


However, this news cannot be confirmed. It was announced last week that Branagh is in talks to direct Murder on the Orient Express with 20th Century Fox, yet nothing is set in stone. I guess we will just have to wait patiently and see what happens. Thor: Ragnarok is set for a November 3, 2017 release.



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