Marvel’s ‘What If’ To Become Animated Series On Disney+ | TV News


Disney already have multiple Star Wars-related series in the works for their upcoming streaming platform. Is it any surprise to learn that they’re also developing more Marvel-related content? With both a Loki and Scarlet Witch series in the works, the Mouse House is trying something different with another comic book adaptation.


The MCU must adhere to its own rules. If Iron Man dies, that becomes canon. But what if you could throw out the canon and have some fun? That’s the premise of the animated series Disney is developing, based on the What If comics.


/Film first reported the news, and Disney’s idea goes something like this. They could potentially have some of the main actors from the MCU reprise their roles in animated form, which would imagine various possibilities from alternate dimensions.


The time commitment for voice-acting roles is a lot less, which could allow Disney to accommodate some of the biggest names. The show would be an anthology series just like the comic books. Each episode would tackle a different character in a new premise.


The comic books have covered such possibilities as What If Spider-Man Had Never Become A Crimefighter? and What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer Of Thor? This could be really fun. A main criticism of the MCU has been its formulaic storytelling, but this could give the characters a chance to step away from saving the world from Thanos and experiment.


There’s no other news regarding the series right now, but expect more details soon. Disney+ is expected to arrive towards the end of 2019. It should have a bevy of content to potentially be a real competitor to Netflix.



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