Matt Reeves & Damon Lindelof Collaborating On HBO Max Medical Drama ‘The Human Condition’

Matt Reeves and Damon Lindelof are teaming up for a new HBO Max medical drama series titled The Human Condition. However, this is not your typical medical drama. It’s being described as “fantastical” and closer to magical realism than something like House. Although it does follow a British doctor who must treat impossible illnesses and the emotional issues surrounding them…

Lindelof and Reeves are developing the show alongside Oscar Sharp, who co-created the first film with a script entirely written by AI, Sunspring. Reeves’ 6th & Idaho production banner, Warner Bros. Television, and Brightstar will produce the show.

Medical dramas are a constant on TV, but not usually with this high level of filmmaking talent, nor with the intriguing addition of magical realism, which implies that this show will have elements similar to Stranger Things and The Leftovers, the latter of which isn’t too surprising considering that Lindelof created it.

It’s also not surprising that this series is being developed for HBO, as Reeves and Lindelof have worked with the network and its parent companies before. Reeves is currently working on The Batman for Warner Bros., and is also developing a number of shows set around Gotham for the studio as well.

HBO not only aired Lindelof’s The Leftovers, but also his critically acclaimed Watchmen adaptation too. They will obviously be excited about the potential of The Human Condition, and what Reeves, Lindelof, and talented up-and-comer Sharp can do with this intriguing genre mash-up. We’ll likely hear more information about it in the coming months.


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