Michelle Monaghan To Play Identical Twins In Netflix Series ‘Echoes’

Michelle Monaghan has signed on to play identical twins in a new Netflix thriller series, Echoes. Brian Yorkey (13 Reasons Why) and Quinton Peeples (Runaways) are serving as co-showrunners and executive producers, and the series will be seven episodes long. It’s the first project to be developed under the new creative partnership between Netflix and Yorkey.

The show revolves around Monaghan’s twins Leni and Gina. Ever since they were children, the twins have secretly swapped lives, continuing to this day to share their two different homes, husbands and children. But things get dark when one of the twins goes missing, throwing their dual lives into disarray.

Leni is being described as the homebody who married her childhood sweetheart and is content to raise their daughter on the family farm. But Gina is a rebellious soul who ran off to Los Angeles and connected to her dark and dangerous side via fame. This should be a difficult but fun role for Monaghan, who’s always been a little underappreciated as an actor.

Monaghan was last seen in The Craft: Legacy and thriller Every Breath You Take. She has some interesting projects lined up. They include Spinning Gold, a biopic of 1970s record producer Neil Bogart; Nanny, a thriller about an immigrant who discovers a terrible secret while caring for a rich family; and Blood, another thriller about a boy who contracts a mysterious infection from a dog bite.

We’ll see if Echoes becomes one of the next Netflix’s shows to get everyone talking. It certainly has the sort of mysterious and compelling premise to get people interested, and Yorkey’s 13 Reasons Why became one of Netflix’s biggest original shows. We’ll wait and see if Echoes becomes as heavily watched and discussed as that was.


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