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On February 22, Harper’s Bazaar published an incredibly warm and significant conversation between US rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Maxine Waters, the first African American woman to chair a US House Committee.


The interview was truly iconic and enlightened such important topic as protection of Black women in the society, but before we dive into the details of that meeting, let us give you a little recap what contributed to let this moment happen.


On October 13, 2020 The New York Times published an article by Megan Thee Stallion entitled Why I Speak Up For Black Women. “I’m not afraid of criticism, and ‘Protect Black women’ should not be controversial“, she said as an epigraph to the article.


In her work, she discusses the realities of being a Black Woman in modern America. By introducing her life example of being shoot by Tory Lanez, Megan admitted that even as a victim, she has been met with skepticism and judgement, when people have publicly questioned whether the rapper played a role.


I’ve realized that violence against women is not always connected to being in a relationship. It happens because too many men treat all women as objects, which helps them to justify inflicting abuse against us when we choose to exercise our own free will“, she added.


Megan also touched on a clothing aspect. She claims that the fact of Serena Williams defending herself for wearing a bodysuit at the 2018 French Open as a proof of how misguided the obsession with Black women’s bodies is.


She shared: “I choose my own clothing. Let me repeat: I choose what I wear, not because I am trying to appeal to men, but because I am showing pride in my appearance, and a positive body image is central to who I am as a woman and a performer. I value compliments from women far more than from men“.


The rapper highlighted the importance of Black girl’s togetherness especially in such male-dominated ecosystems like hip-hop industry. Megan admitted: “Countless times, people have tried to pit me against Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, two incredible entertainers and strong women. I’m not ‘the new’ anyone; we are all unique in our own ways“.


The published article was followed by a warm letter addressed to Megan from Congresswoman Maxine Waters and it served as one of the highlights of her year. In this letter, dated November 12, 2020, Ms Waters wrote: “You are so right that Black women have pave the way and have done so by leading with courage and bravery. There is also this notion, which you touched upon, that we as Black women have the ability to bear a heavier burden than everyone else in this society“.


She also thanked Megan for bringing attention to the problem and encouraged her to continue being a voice for Black women every single day.


Recently, both of these incredible females joined together for a conversation in an online video format as a part of Megan’s spread with Harper’s Bazaar. In this meeting, Ms. Waters spoke about the importance of Black women using their voice in a world that is ever ready to discredit them.


Moreover, the Congresswoman also stressed how important is to stay connected to the younger generation, often advocating for them as well, whether they are famous young artists or layperson being hassled by the police.


The whole meeting was so full of warm fuzzy moments and represented the true beauty of togetherness and the power of Black women. You can watch the video down below!




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