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Twenty-year old Bournemouth singer, Mhairi, is making her first steps into the musical realm with musical influences from the likes of Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel and Imogen Heap. Her latest effort, “Crystalline”, is out now.


Mhairi says the song, “explores the feeling of being lost inside your own mind. How introversion can be a detriment to your sense of self and the relationships you have. The lyrics follow an internal dialogue, and shows a kind of struggle between two parts of my mind – one that needs to indulge in being alone, and one that needs to be anywhere else other than inside my own head”.


“Crystalline” begins, and continues with, ominous with cold, industrial drum machine. Her voice has a strange electronic lily to it, as if she’s a robot or cyborg. However despairing the voice and lyrical content is, what is sung is sung from the heart. Strings accompany the fade out, which is a tad more human and reveals she, perhaps, had soul all along.




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