Miami Artist Dyna Edyne Unveils ‘Senses’ From Her ‘Mahogany’ EP

Dyna Edyne has released a new song titled “Senses” from her latest EP Mahogany. This comes on the back of her previous teaser to the EP titled “The Dome”.

The artist known to be in between the realms of soul, hip-hop and R&B has made her return to the music world with this fresh new song. Her image is of a woman embracing growth and womanhood with no shame of her mind, body and soul.

Her previous single “Take a Chance” was a great premise for the new song and captures and emphasizes powerful visuals with profound lyrics and messages of connection and intimacy. Her inspirations are such as Aaliyah and Sade. Her Branches EP has been making its rounds making her accumulate a fan base and landing placements on Amazon’s ‘Future Jams: Cutting Edge R&B’.

She’s known as the #TreeWoman of our day and she has her own way of create her sound and she allows the fans to feel emotionally connected with her unique brand. Her stage presence is out of this world and the stage feels like a second home for such talent.

The connection she has with her fans is something that only few artists can say they have. She has created a new world and the invitation is out. Let yourself go into her world and listen to “Senses” here:


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