Montenegrin Singer And Producer BESIC Releases New Track ‘Delay’

Besic is a Montenegrin-born singer-songwriter/producer located in Austria. She had a strong desire to compose and write since she was a child, which led her to pursue higher studies in piano and the arts. She has continued to advance and explore the craft of music, having written 200 songs in many styles and languages throughout the years.

With her recent albums, she has established her personal style by weaving her distinctive tone amongst genres in an unusual way. Her ultimate constant is profound lyrics, which always deliver riddling layers to her songs’ subconscious and make them even more wholehearted.

Besic’s songs are a reflection of her surroundings, including her friends, relationships, and family. They filter her inner views while questioning present moral principles and social norms. She depicts genuine, accessible, and often humorous sentiments that reveal her true nature, which are sometimes brutally honest.

Her new single “Delay” is a mood meant to be felt rather than understood, written in puzzled lines and allegorical sequences. It’s a feeling as well as a love letter to its aural legacy, which includes R&B, pop, and the golden age of recording. “Delay” is free of any comprehensive restraint arranged for individual emotional response, as it is meant to be timeless.

Listen to the song here:


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