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Michael Bay is heading back to Sony for his next movie. The studio that produced his Bad Boys movies will be the home to his latest project, Black 5. The bombastic director will re-team with writer Ehren Krueger – who helped pen three Transformers movies – and producer Erwin Stoff for the project.


Plot details are currently pretty scarce. However, unsurprisingly, the film will reportedly be “high on action”. In a Bay movie? Surely not! The film will be Bay’s follow-up to Six Underground. The films have no relation, it’s just a coincidence that Bay is counting down. Hopefully, anyway.


That film will hit Netflix this December and stars Ryan Reynolds, Dave Franco and Mélanie Laurent. It follows six billionaires who fake their deaths and form a vigilante squad to take down notorious criminals. It marks Bay’s first film financed and distributed by the streaming giant.


Black 5 will mark a sort of homecoming for Bay, as Sony produced is directorial debut Bad Boys, which got Bay started on his way to becoming Hollywood’s most Hollywood director.


He followed that up with the absurd, deliriously entertaining Bad Boys II in 2003. A third movie, Bad Boys For Life, is currently in post-production without Bay. Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have taken over directing duties.


We’ll wait for more news regarding Black 5. Expect a trailer for Six Underground soon as well. It doesn’t sound like Bay is moving too far from his brand with these projects. For Netflix and Sony, that’s music to their ears.



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