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Missy Doctor Who


With her evil return to Doctor Who fast approaching, actress Michelle Gomez hopes that her portrayal of mad-Master-regenerate Missy becomes a regular fixture on the long standing BBC sci-fi show.


Speaking to DigitalSpy Gomez expressed that ‘It felt so good to be back, especially as I thought it was all over for Missy at the end of series eight, but then of course she is The Master after all, so anything can happen, even dodging death.


After Missy’s nefarious scheme and identity was exposed at season 8’s end, revealing that she had a hand in a majority of the evil that befell the Doctor and Clara throughout most of the season. Gomez acknowledges that it could be hard for the character to stay relevant knowing that the fans will be looking out for her evil fingerprint on most of season 9. ‘I was thrilled to be asked back… and I’d say yes again if it came to it, but nothing’s a guarantee – so I’m aware this year might be her last. But I sincerely hope not.‘ The new series of Doctor Who returns to our screens September 9, with The Magician’s Apprentice on BBC1.



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