Mick Dimitri – On My Way To The Stars | Music Video


Italian Singer/songwriter Mick Dimitri fully launches himself into the industry with the release of single “On My Way To The Stars” – coming off the back of a brilliant performance opening for Ed Sheeran in Milan.


Written in 15 minutes and recorded at Sticky Studios in a day, Mick’s debut is a rocking mash of pop and funk flavour with it’s use of rousing guitars. A melancholic poem turned anthem of empowerment, “On My Way To The Stars” speaks to the go-getter in us – this is what I want and this is what I’m going to get. It also comes with a shiny and bold visual piece


Speaking on the music video, Mick shared: “The path to our dreams is long, often lonely, but ultimately rewarding. My character wanders through an urban desert, a sterile environment that has nothing to offer. So he keeps walking and walking, checking his watch from time to time to see if the time has come for him to meet his destiny. The ending suggests that perhaps what we saw was just a dream, and the actual journey has yet to begin.”


Mick has always been musically inclined. A Berklee College of Music graduate, he’s gone on to excel in playing the guitar, piano, drums and bass, spurred on by his inspirations Jeff Buckley and Prince. Mick Dimitri has brilliantly kicked off his ascension as an artist worth watching.




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