Miguel + J. Cole + Salaam Remi – Come Through And Chill | Music Video


Miguel has finally dropped a new music video for his new single “Come Through And Chill” with J.Cole and Salaam Remi.


Miguel initially released the song via SoundCloud in June of 2016. The track was produced by his friend, Salaam Remi, who he’s previously worked with on his 2015 album Wildheart.


Miguel described “Come Through And Chill” as “a song about staying indoors, ordering up some weed, and knocking boots all night long. It’s not a bad way to spend the evening, unusual rain and thunder“.


Miguel’s most recent album, War & Leisure, came out last year and featured a new version of the J Cole verse. The rapper made numerous references to politics and social justice in this track. Also, Miguel explained in an interview that J. Cole also played the guitar on the final track.


The video captures the sexy intended mood for the song with its choreographed dances. Miguel serves as the protagonist and shows a love triangle with different scenes and girls.


Watch the music video below:




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