Milan Fashion Week Opens With Prada Fall/Winter 2021 Menswear Show | Fashion News


Fashion never takes a break!


For Milan Fashion Week 2021, designer Raf Simon and the legendary Miuccia Prada have inaugurated their first collaboration for Prada with a unique fashion show.


Indeed, due to the well-known coronavirus crisis, mostly all the fashion shows have been cancelled and have forced the designers to manage a new type of remote show with the same originality and splendour as it was in presidential.


That is why this year, Prada wanted to show a collection linked to what is happening to us through this rough year by making daily life clothes as Raf Simon said: “We didn’t want it to look like activewear”.


The collection was composed of slip-on shoes, cosy geometric-patterned jacquard knits, and purple and green leather gloves with pockets. The goal was to feel safe it those especially this year where the fear rules the world. The show was like “a bubble” to feel more secure.


Through this around 13-minute show, we were able to find two parts that determine a fashion show: the usual rhythm of the show and the Backstage part. Usually accessible for the luckiest and famous people, this year the two designers have lent themselves to the set of questions and answers previously asked by Internet users.


The two designers have quite contrary thoughts about the future. Indeed Raf Simon is quite optimistic by saying: “If history is repeating, we know what the 1920s were. There was an explosion of going out and sex”.


While Miuccia Prada is more reserved: “I don’t want to be boring, but I think that what we have learned is that we have a social responsibility … [and when this is over] to not act like: ‘Ah nothing happened so let’s have fun. That moment is still very far away”.


One thing for sure the 2021 Prada show was a total success! Check out our favourite pieces below and watch the full show underneath.





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