‘Mississippi Grind’ Trailer Starring Ben Mendelsohn And Ryan Reynolds Revealed | Film Trailer


Described as “Ryan Reynold’s best work“, Mississppi Grind had its debut at Sundance Film Festival in January, receiving enthusiastic accolades for Ryan Reynold’s partnership with fellow leading actor Ben Mendelsohn. Mendelsohn is a gambling addict with vast debts to pay. He strikes lucky when he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a mysterious poker player who ‘doesn’t care about winning’.


Together they make a dynamic duo and set off on a road trip to New Orleans in order to take part in a high stakes poker game. Mendelsohn and Reynolds’ electric chemistry moulds this film into something beyond a typical road-trip saga, and we see a new side to Reynolds’ wise-guy charm, adding new layers to his charisma as an actor.


The reunion of writer-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck from the film Half Nelson once again plays into the idea of unlikely friendships and a person’s mission to learn from their mistakes. Be prepared to take something from it.




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