Watch Trailer For ‘Freeheld’ Starring Ellen Page And Julianne Moore | Film Trailer


Cynthia Wade directed an Oscar-Winning short film in 2007, Freeheld, which documented the struggle of New Jersey Police Lieutenant Laurel Hester in her fights against cancer, and ensuring that her same-sex domestic partner Stacie Andree would receive her pension benefits after she had passed away. A new full length adaptation of the same name Freeheld will depict these real life events in a fiction film.


Written by Oscar Award nominated screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) and directed by Peter Sollett (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist), Freeheld stars Julianne Moore and Ellen Page as Hester and Andree respectively, alongside a supporting cast of Michael Shannon, Steve Carell, Josh Charles and Luke Grimes. Freeheld is set for a October 16 release. You can watch the trailer below.




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