MOBO Award Nominated Singer Olaedo Ibe Shares New Single ‘Golden Skin’

Emerging as a beacon of hope and resilience, London-born singer-songwriter-composer Olaedo Ibe unveiled her latest album, Golden Skin, on October 27, led by the music video for the album’s title track “Golden Skin”.

This release is not just a collection of songs but a deep dive into the realms of faith, mental health, self-love, and confronting societal taboos like colorism. The album, resonating with Olaedo’s unique soulful sound and profound lyrics, aims to uplift and inspire listeners across the globe.

The title track, “Golden Skin”, featuring gospel artist Rae Rae, specifically tackles colorism and the perils of skin bleaching, sending out a message of optimism and self-worth. Garnering acclaim from BBC Radio London and Premier Gospel, “Golden Skin” has rapidly gained popularity, amassing over 3000 streams since its August release.

Her Golden Skin album also leads with the vibrant “Royalty”, a track where Olaedo expresses gratitude for divine love and guidance. This theme of spiritual connection continues with soulful ballads like “Manifest” and “The Divine Exchange”. Each song on the ten-track project not only showcases her vocal prowess but also her courage to address critical issues.

Olaedo’s journey in music, influenced by her Nigerian heritage and exposure to a variety of musical genres, reflects in her versatile sound. With influences ranging from Cece Winans to Stevie Wonder, her music is a rich tapestry of cultural and musical elements. She started her musical voyage at a tender age, performing in churches, weddings, and stage plays, and honed her songwriting skills through life experiences and diverse musical exposures.

Her musical endeavors took a significant leap with her debut EP Shine like Gold, which brought her into the limelight. The success continued with her second project Grow to Glow, featuring hit singles that topped the UK Christian Chart and found a special place on Premier Gospel.

Apart from her musical career, Olaedo is a motivational speaker and a Christian meditation video creator. Her IG live show, #YourHealthMatters, further showcases her commitment to inspiring and guiding others.

With the release of Golden Skin, Olaedo Ibe not only marks her return to the music scene but also reiterates her mission to be a source of encouragement and strength through her music. The album is now available across various music platforms, inviting listeners to experience a journey of healing, empowerment, and spiritual introspection.

Watch the video for “Golden Skin” below!


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