Keegan-Michael Key & Johnny Knoxville To Star In ‘Reboot’ Pilot

Considering the avalanche of rebooted content nowadays, someone was bound to come up with the meta idea to base a show around a reboot. That’s exactly what Steve Levitan and John Enbom have done with their new show at Hulu, simply titled Reboot, and they’ve cast Keegan-Michael Key and Johnny Knoxville to star in the pilot.

The show will revolve around a rebooted family sitcom from the early 2000s and the cast of actors who have to fix their unresolved issues in order to make the show work. Levitan will serve as creator and showrunner for the series, while Enbom will co-write.

Levitan created Modern Family, and Reboot was initially announced after the immensely successful long-running sitcom came to an end, but development hit a few snags. 20th Century Fox will be the studio backing the show, which isn’t surprising as Levitan has an overall deal with them.

Reboot is certainly a timely idea, and hopefully will be a fascinating and funny look at the culture revolving around reboots, remakes, legacy sequels, desperate spinoffs, and prequels no one asked for, not to mention what working on one of these projects can be like for actors often returning to roles that initially made them famous.

Key and Knoxville should be an entertaining lead duo. Both are best known for their comedy work on Key & Peele and Jackass, respectively, although they get their laughs in very different ways.

Key currently stars in Apple TV+ musical Schmigadoon!, and is currently working on new Judd Apatow movie The Bubble and the latest Disney live-action remake(…), Pinocchio.

Knoxville was recently in Gia Coppola‘s Mainstream, and will next be seen in legacy sequel (sensing a trend here?) Jackass Forever, which hits cinemas in October.


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