Mykel Unleashes Empowering Alt-Pop Anthem ‘Love DD’ With A Bold New Vision

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Mykel marks a daring shift in her musical trajectory with the release of her new single “Love DD,” dropped on November 2, 2023.

This track heralds Mykel’s fresh start, featuring a fusion of self-empowering narratives and a darker, more cinematic pop sound. Mykel describes “Love DD” as a clean slate, both sonically and image-wise, highlighting a newfound embrace of her more audacious artistic facets.

“Love DD” plays on the notion of being an emotional ‘designated driver’ in relationships, where Mykel reflects on her role in supporting others to the point of self-neglect.

The song encapsulates the experience of carrying the emotional burden in relationships, ultimately leading to a realization of self-worth and the need to prioritize personal well-being. Mykel aims for this track to resonate with listeners who have shared similar experiences, potentially becoming an anthem for empowerment and solidarity among women.

The creation of “Love DD” involved a collaboration with Yang Tan, recognized as one of Variety Magazine’s Top 5 Hit Female Engineers in 2019. This partnership, fueled by shared experiences and emotional connection, was instrumental in bringing the vision for “Love DD” to life. Mykel underscores the significance of the track being entirely produced by women, covering all aspects from writing to promotion, a rare feat in the music industry.

Mykel’s musical influences are diverse, with her style drawing comparisons to Zara Larsson, Sabrina Carpenter, Ella Mai, and others. Her music spans various genres and has been featured in prominent publications and television programs. With over 23,000 views for the music video of her song “Runners,” Mykel continues to make her mark in the industry.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Mykel has a rich history in music, starting from high school and leading to notable performances at significant venues like Staples Center and Dodger Stadium.

She has collaborated with esteemed artists and composers, contributing to a wide array of musical genres. Mykel’s mission is to create a space for authentic expression and emotional exploration, striving to make everyone feel seen and heard through her music.

“Love DD” is available on major streaming platforms, and fans can anticipate Mykel’s upcoming works that promise to further showcase her evolving artistic identity and versatile talent. Listen to it below!


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