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Every year, between April and June, an amazing phenomenon occurs: adults young and old alike all disappear from social media. This is done in an attempt to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers until they themselves can once again indulge in the gory, incest-fest that is the world’s favourite TV show. We are fast-approaching that time now and Natalie Dormer, star of the show, has revealed that she is also scared of Game of Thrones spoilers.


She is currently doing the rounds for her latest project The Forest, but of course the world gives a collective yawn to such things and begs her to talk about Game of Thrones. This was the case on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she confirmed that the cast and crew had wrapped up filming Season 6; she had spent most of her time filming in Spain. With Game of Thrones fans being the little Sherlocks they are, their ears would have pricked up at this as Spain is the shooting location of the fictional kingdom of Dorne and Dormer’s character, Margaery Tyrell, has spent the most recent season chained up in a dungeon in King’s Landing. She quickly brushed this away by stating “There are dungeons in Spain.


Another thing that fans are anxious about is the rumoured return of fan-favourite Jon Snow, who was brutally stabbed-off last season. When they turned to Dormer for answers she revealed that she didn’t know because she deliberately keeps herself in the dark: “I watched season 1 like a fan, like you. So when I joined them in the second season, I wanted to go back to feeling like a fan, so I stopped reading other people’s storylines. I only read the scripts that are relevant to Margaery and Highgarden and King’s Landing.” Tough break, Game of Thrones fans. I guess you’ll have to put your little magnifying glasses away and wait until the show returns to Sky Atlantic in April. Until then, satisfy yourselves with yet another look at the Season 6 teaser.

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