National Gallery Launches Immersive New Experience Around Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece | Arts


On November 9, London’s National Gallery will introduce its new ‘immersive experience’ exhibition around Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Virgin Of The Rocks’ painting titled Leonardo: Experience a Masterpiece.


This has come about after the painting spent 18 months at the National Gallery’s skylit restoration studio, where experts have undertaken scientific experiments and discovered the “abandoned composition” behind the famous Leonardo painting.


This exhibition represents a fascinating new venture for the National Gallery, combining the most recent technical research on The Virgin Of The Rocks with an immersive, enveloping experience, giving visitors the opportunity to explore Leonardo da Vinci’s creative process in making this masterpiece”, National Gallery director, Dr Gabriele Rinaldi said.


Leonardo Da Vinci did his painting in two campaigns around 1491-1499 and in 1506-1508, and thanks to the latest technologies, experts are able to see the different step and changes made on the painting. For example, the angel and the Christ were positioned higher-up than in the final painting.


And this is exactly the aim of the exhibition: to show people, through an immersive experience, the evolution of the drawing until its final appearance.


The exhibition will take place in four rooms including a chapel-like to allow people to imagine the full scene in a real environment, but also to understand Leonardo’s inspiration around light and shadow. It’ll open on November 9, and run until January 12, 2020 at the London’s National Gallery.




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