Jonas Brothers Unveil Music Video For ‘Only Human’ | Music News

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Jonas Brothers Unveil Music Video For ‘Only Human’ | Music News


Praise Jonas Brothers for bringing 80’s disco vibes back! After making a throwback to the good old years with the music video for “Cool”, the Jonas Brothers release a new music video for their hit “Only Human” that continues in the same vein!


Since their return to the music industry, the acclaimed pop/rock band has been killing it nonstop. The Jonas Brothers announced their comeback just a few months ago and, last March, they released their first single together after six years: “Sucker”. The track has been confirmed to be a banger, as it has reached the number one spot in many different countries.


Following the success with their debut, the band then dropped Happiness Begins three months later. It is their first album since 2013’s Live and it has also been smashing international charts.


“Only Human” has become the second most played song from the album after “Sucker”, reaching over 83 million streamings on Spotify. Now, Jonas Brothers have gifted us with a music video to accompany their groovy Reggae-pop hit.


The new visual reveals the three band members rocking vintage outfits while performing in a crowded retro club show. Bubbles, ceramic horses and a sparkly disco ball decorate the scene where an enthusiastic audience sings and dances along, surrounding the stage where the band is showing off their best dorky moves and coolest opaque sunglasses. The party is so lit that it even starts blocking the traffic and making some taxi drivers mad at the end of the video.


The whole 80’s vibe is being really acclaimed by the fans, who have been sharing appreciation posts all over the Internet. “THANK YOU FOR THIS MASTERPIECE,” a fan twitted, while others have been creating hilarious memes with music video’s material.


Watch the “Only Human” music video down below:




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