Ned Stark Returning To ‘Game Of Thrones’? | TV News


Yes you heard right Game Of Thrones fans, Ned Stark is returning to Game Of Thrones, but before you start celebrating and working on theories of how he is still alive, I hate to break it to you, it won’t be Sean Bean that will be gracing our screens, instead if the rumours are said to be true, it’s 13-year-old actor Sebastian Croft who will be making an appearance in Season 6 as a younger Ned Stark.


Rumours of Young Ned’s casting were sparked earlier in the year, when a casting breakdown was released which called for a “young boy with brown hair, a narrow face, green eyes and the use of a Northern accent“. Okay so there are about a billion Northerners in the show already, how does one decipher that to mean that the show was looking for a Young Ned from just that? I guess we will have to just wait and see until it has been officially confirmed, or in true Game Of Thrones style when it appears back onscreen in Spring 2016.



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