Netflix Acquires Rights To Maika Monroe-Led Thriller ‘Tau’ | Film News


Netflix has snagged the global rights, outside of China, for Tau, a thriller starring Maika Monroe (It Follows), Ed Skrein and Gary Oldman. The film is directed by Federico D’Alessandro and written by Noga Landau.


The film follows a former street-smart grifter who is the latest victim to be kidnapped and held captive in a potentially fatal experiment. The only thing that can save her is Tau, an advanced artificial intelligence system created by her captor. She must race against time to connect man and machine via Tau and win her freedom before it’s too late.


David S. Goyer helped produce, and this looks to be a solid acquisition by Netflix. Simply having money to burn hasn’t exactly proved to be the best strategy in regards to their film department, as outside of a few hits their catalogue is made up of a lot of middle of the road, medium budget forgettable films.


Tau has a great cast, but the wild card is director D’Alessandro (his directorial debut) and writer Landau (having only written two TV episodes and a TV movie). Hopefully Netflix has figured that the two are up and coming talents ripe to be discovered, and if so, Tau has plenty of potential to be a memorable sci-fi.


If not, it’s another mediocre film to add to the quickly-rising pile in Netflix’s catalogue.



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