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It seems we’re in the midst of a streaming war, and Netflix is bringing out the big guns. A giant in the entertainment industry, Netflix have planned a $7 billion spending spree on content in 2018, boosting up $1 billion from this year. It is only the next step in the Battle of the Streaming Services, with Apple and Disney trying to fight their way through to superiority.


Netflix have revolutionised television, earning a total 91 Emmy nominations. With the hope of doing the same with their original film content, the new investment aims to make the entertainment giant even more talked about. However, despite their undoubted success, the company currently has $15.7 billion in outstanding debts, so the reality of the company’s power is somewhat ambiguous.


Regardless, Netflix is certainly a cut above competitors Apple and now Disney. Panic ensued when Disney announced that they were ending its streaming agreement with Netflix, removing their property from its virtual shelves to its own upcoming streaming service. Netflix hit back by poaching accomplished producer Shonda Rhimes from Disney-owned ABC. Losing Marvel rights, however, might still prove a significant loss.


Apple, too, are trying to get in on Netflix’s success. The company, which has seen a decline of sorts in recent years, has announced that it is ready to spend $1 billion on its own original content. While it doesn’t seem much compared to Netflix’s spending, when you know HBO spent only $2 billion in 2016 including on the incomparable Game of Thrones, there’s some promise for Apple’s future.


Amazon, meanwhile, are slowly crawling up to becoming an independent producer of film. Amazon independently distributed their first film, Landline, last month with plenty more including Woody Allen‘s Wonder Wheel.


Whatever happens in this war, though I dare to believe there’s only one outcome, the world of TV and film is certainly very exciting. The extra investment will surely boost Netflix’s stock, which is already up over 5000% since its conception.


Place your bets.



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