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Ah, the tricky conundrum of the so-called ‘limited series’. The idea, of course, is that the series is ‘limited’: not designed for mass seasons that trundle on for years. However, if a limited series is so popular, sometimes it can be renewed for a second season, as has been the cast recently with The Night Manager and HBO’s Big Little Lies.


So, what does that mean for Godless, Netflix’s well-received limited western drama? No decision has been made yet, but the cast of the series firmly believe that the show should remain one-and-done. Speaking at the New York City premiere of the show, star Sam Worthington told THR: “I think it’s a novel. I don’t think they’ll make a Godless 2.


His co-star Thomas Brodie-Sangster went on to add:


“It’s got a really nice beginning, middle and end. It’s very popular now-a-days to just make something go on and on and on. At some point, it becomes some sort of money-maker thing and I think as a viewer you can see that and sense that.


For me, unless they do something amazing with the writing and as long as it’s appropriate, I think it’s nice to actually have a Netflix show that comes out like this where you have the beginning, middle and end”.


The series stars Jeff Daniels as notorious criminal Frank Griffin who, along with his gang of fellow outlaws, seek revenge against his former protege Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell), who tries to find help in the female-dominated town of Le Belle, New Mexico from the recently widowed Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery).


It makes sense for the series to remain a one season commitment, as it was intended, but money talks, and if Netflix’s algorithms confirm that plenty of subscribers are watching, and enjoying, the series, they may want to use some of their huge monetary resources to greenlight a second season, even if the cast considers that a poor move.


The fate of the show will likely remain up in the air until confirmation either way.



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