New ‘Baywatch’ Trailer Confirms Absurdity | Film Trailer



Admit it, you scoffed when you heard about the upcoming Baywatch movie sometime last year, and probably wondered how an adaptation of the ridiculous yet insanely popular TV show was going to function. Well, in our increasingly postmodern world, it seems the way to go is to cram the film with meta references and crank up the absurdity to eyebrow raising levels. At least, that’s what the second trailer has led us to believe.


Looking like a mix of 21 Jump Street, Piranha 3DD and Pain And Gain, there’s no doubt a deliberate intent to create the next comedy superpower by adapting yet another well-loved blast from the past. Maybe it’ll give Dwayne Johnson a new franchise to inhabit once The Fast & The Furious eventually ends and will allow Zac Efron to stop degrading himself in trash like Dirty Grandpa.


But will it succeed? The trailer promises plenty of gratuitous flesh, cocaine, guns, profanity and explosions, so…yeah, it’ll probably be the highest grossing film of the year. The film will be directed by Seth Gordon (Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief) and penned by the duo of Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (Friday The 13th (2009), Freddy Vs Jason).


Baywatch is due to hit theaters on Friday, May 26.




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