‘Santa Clarita Diet’ TV Spots: This Isn’t Your Typical Drew Barrymore Comedy | TV News



Santa Clarita Diet was assumed to be another Netflix Original series aimed at the same audience that binge-watched Fuller House, before maybe adding a little spice to their evenings with a few viewings of Easy. The casting of Drew Barrymore, who has often been the poster child for easily digestible romcoms over the past decade, seemed to confirm this. That was until we learned the series actually revolved around flesh eating zombies.


To add to that revelation, today Netflix has released two new trailers for the series with stars Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant promoting the titular diet. Much like the subtle, unassuming marketing campaign conducted for the series, the sub-60 second trailers are so understated that it’s relatively easy to miss that this is a show revolving around cannibalism (ok the close-up of a bowl of flesh and eyeballs might be a giveaway).


It’s still too early to tell whether the tone of the series will match the ads, or if the show has a larger horror element to it. Either way, this has been an impressive marketing job by Netflix. So good, that it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about unsuspecting viewers still shocked at the content of the show when it’s released to all Netflix territories on Friday, February 3.





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