New ‘Doctor Who’ Series To Return To Classic Roots | TV News

Peter Capaldi will play classic Dr Who character


Ben Wheatley, director of the Doctor Who TV drama series has revealed the forthcoming season of the BBC One programme will be returning to a similar set-up of the original classic series.


The revival of the Doctor Who series in 2005 saw the producers and director use a new format to engage modern-day viewers but the forthcoming season, which will see Peter Capaldi replacing Matt Smith in playing the role of the Doctor, will herald back to the classic roots of the TV drama. The modern-day “Doctor” has also previously been played by David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston from 2005 to 2010.


Wheatley believes that actor Peter Capaldi will be able to portray the classic version of the Doctor, who is a lot more dark and sinister. You will remember Calpadi from his previous starring roles in television programmes and films such as The Thick of It, The Hour and In the Loop. Doctor Who will return to television screens for its eight season in late 2014.



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