New Meghan Markle Podcast ‘Archetype’ To Focus On Women’s Empowerment

Meghan Markle‘s first podcast series, Archetypes is underway! A teaser was recently released indicating that her show would focus on the issues facing women in today’s society.

Through these podcast episode, the Duchess of Sussex will continue to champion women’s empowerment by delving into the origins of misogyny and sexism. The podcast aims to analyse and address the beginnings of gender stereotypes and why they dictate women’s lives.

Summing up her series in two sentences, Meghan said: ‘I’ll have conversations with women who know all too well how these typecasts shape our narratives. And I’ll talk to historians to understand how we even got here in the first place.”

The announcement of the podcast was long overdue after Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry signed a multi-year deal with Spotify, in partnership with their production company, Archewell Studio, in 2020.

The Duchess and the Duke take to heart the mission of “building community through shared experiences, stories and values” and this is what Archetypes will be charged with conveying by “dissect, explore and subvert the labels that try to hold women back“.

An official release date for Archetypes has not yet been revealed, but we have every reason to believe that more will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!


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