New Orleans Band The Story Of The Sun Share New Single ‘California’ | Music News


New Orleans rock band The Story of the Sun, whose members daylight as resident physicians, has dropped a new energetic song titled “California”. The song features Rock vibes, hard-hitting drums, searing guitars and powerful vocals, while it calls to mind acts such as Weezer and The Beach Boys.


“These songs are best experienced in the car, at night, with the sound cranked up, the seats reclined and the sunroof open, parked somewhere deserted so that all that lies between you and the stars is your own imagination.” the band said in a statement, while talking about the new song.


As the title suggests, the song is about California, a topic that has already been treated several times by such bands as Phantom Planet. Nonetheless, The Story of the Sun manages to convey a personal and original view of this famous American state, presenting it as a “Paradise of pain” and “A state of mass hysteria / euphoria”.


The song also refers to the American dream, with California representing the heart of it. Indeed the band croons “make yourself a name / you’ll be glad you came / They’re switching up the formula to keep you entertained”. The song ends with “California Love”.


The band has not revealed new live concerts dates yet, but we are looking forward to hearing from them soon. In the meantime, listen to “California” below:




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