New Season 7 Teaser Introduces ‘Archer P.I.’ | TV News


Archer’s love of detectives and action heroes is no secret; the show’s done everything from The Six Million Dollar Man to Miami Vice, and this time it looks like they’re taking on Magnum, P I. The first promo to drop for the rapidly approaching seventh season features a shot for shot remake of the 80’s crime drama with Archer, of course, sporting the signature Tom Selleck moustache.


Season 6 of the FX series saw Mallory Archer’s spy agency (formerly known as ISIS) once again disbanded and blacklisted by the CIA, forcing them to go it alone. Similarly to the events that led up to the Archer Vice story-line, the team now has to fend for themselves, except this time, instead of illegal drug dealing, it looks like they’ll be tacking a crack at the world of private investigating.


Archer returns on March 31 on FX.




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