New York Artist And Producer Josh Upton Releases New Single ‘Hope’

Bronx native Josh Upton has released a new song by the name of “Hope”. This song is the first of two tracks from his upcoming debut album Learning To Fly, a project that he’s been working his entire lifetime on. “Hope” is a bright, positive and hopeful track mixing pop and R&B with his rich layered vocals that sing the chorus and outro and Lil Bird’s verses that fill the rest of the song in a wonderful way.

The track celebrates the playful yearning for new love and brings a balance with energetic production and bass that keeps you grounded. Josh first wrote this song in his home studio in Brooklyn, New York before he connected with Atlanta-based rapper/singer-songwriter Lil Bird in Atlanta to finish recording and producing his verses into the track.

Josh Upton was born on The Bronx and has been shaped by artist such as Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Bilal and Musiq Soulchild. He has always been a singer, spending his pre-pubescent hours singing in various groups throughout high school and college.

He has performed with Denny Love in venues all over New York for about 10 years before starting his own music. He brings his music to life starting with the vocals first and singing all the vocal and instrumental parts before producing his final masterpieces.

His debut release Learning To Fly will be released on August 2021. Listen to “Hope” now:


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