New York Based Pop Artist A-Zal Shares New Track ‘Movie Script’

Renowned for his soulful voice and boundary-pushing songwriting, New York-based pop sensation A-Zal, also known as Atif Afzal, releases his highly anticipated debut single, “Movie Script.” This release marks a significant milestone, not just for A-Zal, but for the pop music world, as he becomes the first pop singer of Indian origin to make waves in the American music scene.

A-Zal’s roots trace back to India, though his musical prowess has been seasoned by the dynamic British pop culture of London. Such a unique confluence of cultural influences infuses his tracks with a distinct flair.

“Movie Script,” released on August 11, 2023, epitomizes this, marrying catchy hooks, contemporary pop sensibilities, and a melange of funky vibes. The song’s debut has been nothing short of impressive, clinching the #114 spot on the USA Mediabase charts during its opening week, and garnering significant airplay in both US and UK radio stations.

Complementing this auditory feast is a self-directed music video filled with vibrant energy, characterized by meticulous choreography and the mesmerizing presence of A-Zal himself. The visuals, paired with the invigorating rhythm of the song, promises viewers an immersive musical experience that goes beyond mere listening.

A-Zal’s journey into the spotlight hasn’t been without its accolades. Before crafting “Movie Script,” he composed soundtracks that were spotlighted in blockbuster titles like Marvel Studios’ Loki and Ms. Marvel. On his evolution as an artist, A-Zal says, “While working for movies, I was writing to a brief. Now, as an artist, I tell my story where I’m the brief. It’s not just my songs, it’s me.”

The track “Movie Script” is more than just a song; it’s an embodiment of A-Zal’s narrative. After migrating from India to the US in 2018, he swiftly gained attention by partnering with Hollywood powerhouses like Marvel Studios, CBS Network, and Netflix.

Films and series enriched by his soundtracks, such as Ms. Marvel, Loki, and NCIS: Los Angeles, have found a fond spot in the hearts of viewers globally. Moreover, his soundtrack for the Bollywood film “Monsoon Shootout” was celebrated at the 2013 Festival de Cannes.

With “Movie Script,” A-Zal confidently transitions from behind-the-scenes film composer to center stage artist, sharing his narrative and melodious passion. As the summer sun shines, A-Zal’s unique narrative is set to offer music enthusiasts a refreshing touch to their playlists.

Listen to “Movie Script” below:


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