Irish Musician VJ Jaxson Unveils Deeply Reflective EP ‘Changes’

On August 25, the Irish multi-instrumentalist VJ Jaxson revealed his evocative seven-track EP Changes. A follow-up to his lead single “Waiting On The Day,” this latest offering is digitally available for global listeners. For those who resonate with the sounds of Juice Wrld, Kid Laroi, and Lil Peep, VJ Jaxson might just be the next artist to add to your playlist.

A musical journey replete with deep introspection and a yearning for self-improvement, Changes blends the realms of pop, alternative, and R&B/soul. The EP’s distinct soundscape dances effortlessly between vulnerable introspection and energetic playfulness, all the while highlighting Jaxson’s unique sonic identity.

The journey starts with the transformative “Metamorphosis”, followed by the uplifting “Waiting On The Day”. This track captures the spirit of endurance, celebrating the artist’s unwavering faith in himself, and inspiring listeners to chase their dreams regardless of life’s hurdles.

Subsequent tracks, such as “No Problem” and “Changes,” delve deep into themes of resilience, love, and spiritual growth, while “No Friend In The Wild” offers a heartfelt exploration of trust, loyalty, and the agonizing act of parting ways.

The intricacies of relationships come to the fore in “Cold Water”, emphasizing the importance of transparency and mutual understanding in relationships. The final note, “Michigan,” is a touching tribute to Jaxson’s late grandmother, capturing the profound pain of loss and the enduring ties between generations.

Hailing from Tallaght, Dublin, VJ Jaxson has quickly made his mark in the music industry. His immersive artistry, combined with his determined spirit, promises a transformative experience for his listeners. With Changes, he invites us all to partake in a soulful, self-reflective journey of growth and evolution.

Listen to the EP below!


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