New York Creative Abby Diamond Is Back With New Single ‘Cool Water’

New York based creative Abby Diamond has dropped her first single in over a year and it is entitled “Cool Water”.

“Cool Water” is the first release of a series of singles. Every single of this series will be released every full moon. This first single was produced and co-written by Abby Diamond close friend Max Vehuni – of Slenderbodies.

About the origin of this collaboration, Abby explained: “I was in an airport when I heard a Slenderbodies song playing, and realized it’d been a year since I’d spoken to Max. I messaged him right then and there, and he invited me to come visit and within two weeks the first song was complete.

Abby is evolving as an artist into a more enlightened state, chronicled in technicolor. Each release of this series will reveal an ever-blossoming divine creature whose message and purpose grow clearer with each new artistic outpouring.

About her evolution and the single series, Abby said “I had an epiphany that I’d been living my life in a waking sleep.“. However, “Cold Water” marks this awakening from the slumber. This single blending R&B and pop together is a new step for the artist, on it, she put her outstanding smooth and staggering vocals, which create a perfect combination for this single.

Abby Diamond is an enraptured individual who is moved by colors, divine intuition and sound. She developed her voice as a child while she listened to Motown and then developed her professional singing as a Jazz vocalist in New Orleans.

She is a vocalist, composer and producer that asserts herself as a force of nature as well as a feminine power. She is living in Brooklyn, New York, and loves to collaborate with other queer and fem-fronted musical acts but also acrobats in high-fashion, burlesque, drag and sensual acrobatics.

Listen to Abby Diamond’s brand new single “Cold Water” here:


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