Nick Cave Announces New Book ‘The Sick Bag Song’ | Arts


Nick Cave has announced the publication of his new book, The Sick Bag Song. The follow up to his successful 2009 novel The Death of Bunny Monroe, will be in a typical Nick Cave unorthodox format, though by no means typical at all. The entire thing has been written by hand on sick bags from airplanes. With Nick Cave’s discography, it can’t be argued that he can create beauty from the grotesque (particularly in “Watching Alice” from the 1988 Bad Seeds album Tender Prey).


This publication seems to be no exception, as stated in a press release it “blends poetry, lyrics, memories, musings, flights of fancy and journal entries”. It will be released in different formats, including an edition limited to 220 copies of 10 different editions costing £750, and will be published on June 4. For more information on different publication dates and on the book itself, visit



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