Nicole Kidman’s ‘Wonder Woman’ Role Is Still Up For Grabs | Film News



If you’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming Wonder Woman – the superheroine’s second cinematic outing. You will know that Nicole Kidman has been in talks for an important role, namely Hippolyta, an Amazonian warrior queen and the mother of Wonder Woman.


However, when the official lineup was unveiled Kidman was all of sudden out and Robin Wright was in. Leading many to believe that Wright had taken Kidman’s role – which is a logical assumption. But that is not how the story goes. Variety’s Justin Kroll has revealed that Kidman was indeed offered the part of Hippolyta – but had to walk away because of a scheduling conflict.


So does this mean that Wright has taken the part? The answer is no but could also potentially become a yes. Bear with me here. According to Kroll, Wright was already under contract for the film, even before Kidman departed. Her role is currently unknown and unconfirmed. So now, Warner Bros. have to decide what route to take; find a new actress to take on the role or utilize someone already on the team (Wright). Only time will tell. Wonder Woman is currently set for a June 23, 2017 release.






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