Oakland Artist And Composer Kyns Releases ‘The End’ | Music News


Originally from Oakland, California, Kyns is an artist, songwriter and composer now based in Los Angeles. Before launching her career as a solo artist, she spent years honing her skills as a songwriter and session vocalist, and working with the likes of The Killers producer Jeff Saltzman and Katherine Ho from Crazy Rich Asians.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and St. Vincent, Kyns’ new track is an indie rock/alternative ballad titled “The End”, which speaks of a feeling of impending doom that has been amplified this year for some of us because of covid-19. The track also sees Kyns exploring how the
self-isolation and social distancing of the past year can exacerbate old wounds we once thought had healed.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Kyns says “The End” is a “self-produced indie rock/ alt song written and recorded from my bedroom during quarantine, and is my feeling of impending doom personified and magnified during such an isolating year as 2020.


As I have looked inward to find the roots of my damage, I have found wounds greater that I had realized. And my relationship with myself and those closest to me suffer because of it, and the cycle continues according to the lyrics as the song progresses“.


Listen to “The End” below:




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