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After the warm reception that his debut single “Beamin’” received, British contemporary R&B artist ONUR has given us a timely follow-up as he unveil his second single “Stunnah“.


Maintaining his singular and soulful approach, ONUR is embracing a more sexier side. The second out of four self-written and produced tracks from his upcoming EP, this new single showcases his impressive and soulful vocal range which taps into Rock sensibilities. It beautifully translates over Jack Garratt-like bassy beats and quite forward-thinking, edgy guitars. ONUR is taking R&B to another level.


“I’ve always loved more sensual music. And I feel as though Stunnah is just that embodiment. It’s raw, it’s aggressive, yet still delicate,” reveals the singer. “I’ve always liked that almost James Brown ethos of not holding back and saying ‘I’ve just fucking landed’. I definitely feel as though this song is a statement more than anything else. A statement of confidence, passion and energy.”


After a few years spent sculpting his sound, the newly 22-year-old is about to make some serious waves on the waters of the contemporary R&B scene.




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