‘Orphan Black’ Alumni Dylan Bruce Joins ‘Heroes Reborn’ | TV News


Heroes inadvertently paved the way for the sudden in-flux of super hero shows and while it may have opened on a strong note, four seasons in, it was more than a little cringe worthy which is why NBC’s revival of the show, Heroes Reborn, has been met with raised eyebrows. Dylan Bruce’s casting was revealed earlier today for a recurring role but details are being kept tightly under wraps.


Bruce joins a cast of alums (most notably, Masi Oka, Jack Coleman, and Noah Bennett) and newbies for the show, which is set to debut in the US this autumn. There was a lot wrong with the subsequent three seasons of Heroes but the world it took place in wasn’t one of them. What brought the show down was the poor characterisation and the stagnant story telling so maybe a new twist, a new team of writers and new characters is just what the doctor ordered. If not, we’ll always have season one. Only time will tell.




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