ØZWALD Releases New Single ‘Lies In Disguise’ | Music News


Nashville-based duo ØZWALD, comprised of Jason Wade and Steve Stout, have just released their sophomore album Born In A State, with the track “Lies In Disguise” serving as the lead single.


Wade and Stout come from two very different backgrounds, with Wade formerly fronting Lifehouse and Stout coming from the band Lost Beach, and while that might suggest an element of grunge pop, their new band exude indie folk rock vibes.


According to the duo, their new album Born In A State is filled with songs that “tell stories from the perspective of two creatives pondering the value of art and music in a world of likes and follows. Truly Nashville, this collection is organic, quietly eccentric, and full of nostalgia”.


Stout and Wade met five years ago, while Stout was playing for Wade’s former band Lifehouse on tour, and following the tour, they began working together in Los Angeles, and soon after, they formed ØZWALD and released their 12-track debut album Sweet Delirium.


Now that they’ve moved from LA to Nashville, their scenery has also changed their approach to music, which shows in their deeper and more colourful new album Born In A State. The record blends art pop and indie folk, with strong lyricism and songwriting. Listen to “Lies In Disguise” below to get a taste of their new album.




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