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On Saturday, approximately 36,000 people have taken part in the riots in the capital of France. For the third weekend in a row people have been protesting over the increasing gas prices. Protestors have requested to stop the next scheduled tax increase on fuel that is due January, 2019.


The protest has now transformed into a direct demonstration against French President Emanuel Macron, the government, including the tensions between the upper- and middle-class. It is now being protested against the rising living expenses that have been put on middle-class households.


The riots have become more violent. “Yellow Vest” activists have collided with police, torching cars and damaging buildings. 412 were arrested on the weekend and more than 260 people are injured leaving three dead.


Yellow vests refer to the neon yellow vests the drivers in France are required to keep in their vehicles in the case of a car break-down or emergency.


The catalyst for the violent riots was the rising fuel prices. The price of diesel has increased by 16% this year, from 1.24€ per litre to 1.48€. It has even reached 1.53€ in October. The people have blamed Macron for changing the environmental policies made by former president François Hollande.


Macron has responded that the reason for the increased fuel prices is to improve climate change and persuade French drivers to change from diesel-fueled cars to eco-friendly vehicles.


The protest on Saturday has been the worst and most violent in Paris since decades. Macron is trying to find ways to decrease the unrest.


On Tuesday, Prime Minister Edouard Philipe will have a discussion with representatives of the “Yellow Vest” movement in order to defuse tensions in central Paris.



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