Patrick Brice To Helm ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ For Netflix | Film News


Patrick Brice (Creep, The Overnight) has been tapped to helm There’s Someone Inside Your House for Netflix. The film is an adaptation of Stephanie Perkins‘ New York Times bestselling novel, with Henry Gayden (Shazam!) writing the adaptation.


The film is described as a mash-up of two vastly different beloved teenage genres: 80s/90s slashers and coming-of-age classics made by the likes of John Hughes.


The story follows Makani Young, an adolescent still adjusting to her new life in a small town after her parents sent her away from Hawaii to live with her grandmother in rural Nebraska. As she gets comfortable, she remains haunted by the secrets of her past life. Soon, the students at her school begin to die in a grisly fashion, and Makani’s dark secrets begin to leak out.


Brice is a good choice for director, having previously directed Creep, a found footage horror film starring Mark Duplass. The Overnight, another of his films, is vastly different, best described as an adult sex comedy. Essentially combine the tones of those two, and you probably have something relatively close to There’s Someone Inside Your House.


Netflix sounds like a perfect home for the adaptation. Production is slated to begin this autumn.



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