Sonia Stein – Sad Little Raft | Music Video


Sad Little Raft” is the brand new single from rising singer and songwriter Sonia Stein, which comes with a really interesting music video, which you can check out below. The single is taken from Stein’s forthcoming EP titled Eat Your Words, which is due for release on March 29.


The EP is produced by Ben Jones, who has worked with the likes of Kelly Rowland, Tinie Tempah and Mary J Blige, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that you’re about to listen to an R&B record, because if “Sad Little Raft” is any indication, Sonia Stein is staying within singer-songwriter territory on this EP. You could describe “Sad Little Raft” as an R&B ballad, but I wouldn’t, it’s a pop ballad and I’m a sucker for those.


Now that we are done with the semantics of that, can I just say that I really like the sound of Sonia Stein. “Sad Little Raft” is a bit too subdued than what I would typically share but her voice is undeniable and gripping, plus the visuals are quite simply beautiful. Thematically, the song and video (as with the rest of the EP) continues the story of a guy Sonia was seeing for 2 months, who cut off all communication with her, seemingly out of the blue.


Speaking about “Sad Little Raft”, Sonia says it “is the last of 3 songs written about the end of a relationship. It’s the last phase of denial, trying to pretend everything is going to go back to the way it was despite how things turned out. The sad little raft represents this little bubble I created so I wouldn’t have to face reality just yet“.




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