‘Peking Duk’ Fan Edits Band’s Wikipedia Page And Gets Backstage | Music News



A hardcore fan of Australian electronic music duo Peking Duk managed to get backstage at their Melbourne gig on Wednesday, but not the way you’d expect. The fan in question, David Spargo, decided that he wanted to meet the band, so in order to do so, he edited their Wikipedia page to list himself as a family relation. Upon telling the security guard, he showed the page for proof and was allowed to go behind the scenes to meet Peking Duk members Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles.


Hyde stated when speaking to The Guardian that he thought “it was probably the most genius, mastermind move that I’ve ever witnessedIt’s crazy. He just did it on the spot, in a second on his phone. He told the security guard he was our stepbrother or something, and showed them the Wikipedia page and his ID”. After a “bunch of beers” Hyde and Spargo exchanged numbers and may even go out drinking again!



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