Penn Badgley Turns Into A Creppy Stalker In ‘You’ | TV Trailer

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Penn Badgley Turns Into A Creppy Stalker In ‘You’ | TV Trailer


What would ‘Gossip Girl’ have said if she could see Dan Humphrey, I mean Penn Badgley, in his new role in Lifetime’s You? It seems like the former Lonely Boy now has a serious problem with stalking his special someone. The trailer starts so romantically but that goes downhill pretty quickly you could say.


His role marks his comeback in the world of TV series after Gossip Girl ended in 2012. Another TV star joins him in this thrilling series. Shay Mitchell is best known for her role as Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. To make it even better this series is produced by the team behind Riverdale.


The plot is easy to explain. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, saves an aspiring writer from getting run over by a train. Sparks fly but for Joe even more. His crush transforms into a serious obsession with the girl leading him to stalk her in real life and on social media. To make it worse, it seems that her best friend portrayed by Shay Mitchell is evenly obsessed with claiming her herself.



The object of obsession is played by Elizabeth Lail. The show based on the book by Caroline Kepne will premiere September 9.



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