Pharrell Williams Teaming Up With ‘Girls Trip’ Writer For Horror ‘Survive The Night’ | Film News


Pharrell Williams, a man with fingers in many pies in many industries, is taking a slice from the film industry. He’s now set to team up with Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver for an adaptation of the young adult horror novel Survive The Night by author Danielle Vega.


The book follows a group of female college students who become trapped inside an underground music festival on Halloween. The girls must run for their lives while hoping to escape from a mysterious attacker stalking them from the shadows.


Oliver will write and direct the music-themed film adaptation, with Williams on board as producer alongside Mimi Valdes of I Am Other Entertainment. Considering this is a film likely to be drenched wall to wall in music and live performances, one would expect (and hope) that Williams will be involved in that capacity as well, as solely being a producer would be a waste of his talents.


He could also use his many musical contacts to create a great soundtrack for the film, or make an appearance themselves, too. There’s plenty of potential here for a downright cool horror film filled with great music alongside great scares.


Williams and Valdes were also part of the crew that helped produce the fan favourite Hidden Figures and Sundance favourite Dope, so they have a good track record of getting talented artists together to make good films. Survive The Night has all the components to be another hit.



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