Phoebe Bridgers Shares Visuals For New Single ‘I Know The End’ | Music News


Last month alternative singer Phoebe Bridgers released her highly anticipated second solo album titled Punisher. Now the American artist shares her brand new music video for the included single “I Know The End”.


Punisher already has received positive reviews and cover features all over the world. The album entered the top 10 album chart in the UK, went number 1 on the UK’s Official Record Store Chart and number 1 on the Billboard chart of emerging artists in the US. Furthermore several radio stations featured the song in playlists and radio charts.


Alissa Torvinen directed the gloomy and artsy video of “I Know The End” with an included finalé shot at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The song and accompanied music video start calm and increase more and more to a dramatic end scene. In the beginning Phoebe expresses homesickness through orchestrated folk and songwriter sounds.


She lays in a bathtub with a skeleton suit on. This suit is kind of her trademark and is seen on the Punisher cover as well. An eerie atmosphere is evolving, almost feeling like an apocalypse or dystopia. Phoebe runs through dark streets and deserted corridors.


The billboard said The End Is Near I turned around there was nothing there. Yeah, I guess the end is here” she sings. Music magazine NME describes her sound as “atmospheric indie with an undercurrent of anxiety“. Watch the music video of “I Know The End” now.




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