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Despite the never-ending flood of reboots and remakes, there’s still shock when IP that was alive just a few years ago suddenly gets the greenlight on a reboot. Maybe there shouldn’t be; Disney is rebooting their Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. Writer Ted Elliot and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin will oversee it. Elliot has writing credits on four previous Pirates films as well as the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie.


Disney hopes a sixth Pirates film will ignite the franchise that’s already grossed over $4 billion worldwide. The last instalment was a disappointment – but still a “disappointment” that grossed $800 million – as audiences seemed to tire of Jack Sparrow’s schtick, but not tired enough to stop going to see the film.


Johnny Depp is not returning for this reboot, and although his star has faded both on screen and off, it’s fair to wonder if audiences will be interested in a Pirates film without him. That’s not to suggest they should bring him back, but instead a suggestion to not make the film at all. Of course, Disney won’t entertain that idea until the franchise stops making them money.


There was already one attempt at rebooting the franchise last year with Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick attached. They left the project earlier this year. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced all the other Pirates films, is back once again. Considering he’s coming off the critical and commercial flop Gemini Man, it’s perhaps no surprise he’s hitching his wagon to one of his proven properties.


Despite grossing $800 million, did anyone see 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales? Did you even know that was the title until just now? Obviously someone is seeing these, but one wonders if this is one movie too far for the franchise.



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