Plastic Is The Trendy New Thing For Spring/Summer 2018 | Fashion News


During the last couple of weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion week, the raw material plastic has been used to create different innovative clothing line. Designers like Burberry and Valentino have created diverse coats and rain coats from the plastic. Valentino made a glamorous, sporty and slightly futuristic moto jacket out of it, which drew massive attention in Paris.


Another view of this is how we can provide a good environmental society and world by using plastic in terms of recycling. Some may say that some of the designers made a symbolic statement by using plastic through their fashion line, and to create the attention of the potential of the material, instead of throwing it out into the nature.


Plastic may just be the next trendy clothing material for spring/summer 2018. Look down below to see some different clothing inspired by plastic.










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